Leadership Day

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2014 Leadership Seminars
Monday, November 3

Leadership seminars take place November 3 in addition to the three-day conference. Register now to save your place!

 Achieving Greater Impact: Moving an Established ERG to the Next Level

For established ERGs of 7+ years old, keeping the momentum towards achieving full impact can be challenging. Learn from experienced ERG leaders and experts on best practices for taking established ERGs to the next level  of achieving long term impact to advance LGBT workplace equality.

Ally Leadership Seminar
This session for ally engagement and activation will include a specific focus for developing a stronger, more vibrant ally initiative in your workplace. Participants will leave with not just cultural competency but also with a concrete action plan that can be integrated immediately in your workplace. We will examine the basic language of LGBT inclusion that allies need, the challenges of being out in the workplace, transgender inclusion, ally engagement across the ERGs, roadblocks to ally activation, a 4-part framework for the actions allies can take, and quantitative metrics to measure workplace culture change. We will also introduce a new cross-workplace program that can help participants’ companies execute their goals, measure and benchmark their impact, and learn best practices from peer companies: the Workplace Ally Challenge.

Engaging with Transgender Leaders: Moving Corporate Culture Beyond Policy

Bring your questions, your stories, and your ideas. This leadership session provides an opportunity to deeply explore the complicated points of commonality that bind L, G, B, and T people together. Learn from experts and colleagues who have successfully dealt with many of the challenging workplace issues that transgender people encounteroften issues we see related in the mediathat can also land on the desks of management, HR, D&I professionals, as well as impact individual employees. This course offers strategies and lively conversation with gender identity experts to assist you in developing policy and tactics and a strong knowledge base for successful transgender inclusion. Representatives from various companies who have grappled with these issues will also tell their stories to help you move forward.

ERG 101: From Start-Up to Full Throttle Engagement

The potential of employee resource groups to advance workplace equality for all is a powerful resource for employees, business, and community. While the progression of ERG’s from simple, self-contained affinity groups to influential, partner resources can be a journey of some challenges, the rewards can be great, unlocking unlimited possibilities for real and sustainable impact that reaches a  wider variety of constituencies. In this interactive and engaging seminar, we will explore what it takes to empower and propel your employee resource group towards continuously improving and increasing the impact of your initiatives, with measurable, demonstrated results and success.

Establishing Inclusive Intersections Among People of Faith and LGBTA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) in the Workplace


Religion and LGBT issues often are challenging and complex, especially in the workplace. However, many organizations are beginning the process of integrating religion and LGBT issues in respectful and inclusive ways. In this interactive workshop you’ll have a chance to explore your personal journey with faith and sexual orientation/gender identity, and prepare yourself to be an effective advocate. Learn about changing attitudes and beliefs among people of faith regarding LGBT issues through current research on the journey people of faith may take from anti-LGBT to pro-LGBT, focusing on Christianity, Muslim, and Jewish perspectives, examining the motivations, barriers, and paths to becoming allies. You’ll also have an opportunity to discuss best practices and tools in managing diversity and inclusion at the intersection of faith/religion and LGBT issues in the workplace.


Getting Beyond the SEX in Bisexuality: A Seminar on Bisexual Inclusion

Did you know there are more bisexuals than gay men and lesbians combined? Since our ERGs are almost completely made up of gay men and lesbians, it makes you wonder: why can’t we find all those bisexuals in our companies? Bi community and ERG leaders will guide this seminar in exploring the answers to these and many other questions.

The goal of this seminar is to give participants a strong understanding of bisexuals and bisexuality, in order to foster bi-literate conversations in our ERGs that will help us be visible to and welcoming of the bisexuals in our companies, which will help us grow. Participants will come away with facts, sharpened awareness, and a plan to grow their organizations into models of bi-welcoming inclusion.

Global Perspectives

This Leadership Seminar is designed to provide a global perspective on LGBT workplace issues and identify strategies for ensuring inclusion while considering country cultural competency. We will provide a mix of global topics, workshops and a roundtable to focus on issues, strategies and actions to take.  It will be a broad, multi-focused session including an overview of global issues and laws as well as specific workshops on India, Japan, Latin America, Europe and the round table discussion.


LGBT Diversity Leadership Train the Trainer

Out & Equal uses the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Diversity Leadership training program to break down barriers and fosters communication between LGBT and employees and their co-workers. Employees, diversity and affinity group leaders and human resources professionals can be certified for two years to present the 60-90 minute LGBT Diversity Leadership discussions in the workplace through the Train the Trainer (TTT) course. The course is designed to help get the most out of (LGBT) employees and their coworkers by creating a more comfortable atmosphere within which to work. This training fosters alliances between LGBT and straight employees by opening up communication and developing a healthier workplace.

Moving Beyond LGBT Silos, Finding Commonalities In Our Multiple-Identities

Cultural Intelligence is the ability to work effectively with people from any group any time, anywhere. If we are going to be successful we need to recognize the multiple identities in each of us, and our differences and similarities. Often, we stay in silos and are segregated to maintain a familiar level of comfort. We never learn how to work with differences and see ourselves and others as one-dimensional. Learn cultural intelligence skills to see the world from different vantage points and understand ourselves in relation to others to find our points of intersectionality. Discuss diversity and multiple-identities within the LGBT community, address the underlying reasons for silos and segregation, and find ways to raise our CQ (cultural intelligence) to gain a global mindset.


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