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Global Series
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Workshop Tracks

Allies  Track

  • Beyond Good Intentions: Ally, are you prepared for GLBT Advocacy?
  • Activating Allies to Radically Change Culture: The Workplace Ally Challenge
  • Cis for Equality: Engaging and Activating Trans* Allies
  • Ready, Set, Go Ally (A Year On)

Beyond Corporate Workplaces

  • Partnering with Your Company’s Government Relations Department to Affect Change
  • Synergy of Equality: Taking your ERG to the next level!
  • Workplace to Community: Intersection of D&I and Corporate Responsibility
  • Living Outside Your Bubble

Beyond LGBT Diversity

  • Redefining the Traditional LGBT Inclusion Framework
  • Reframing Diversity: What Does Intersectionality Mean for Your Inclusion Strategy
  • Beyond the Blame Game:  Religion, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
  • Building Community with Industry Partners
  • The Real Speak Up! Empower the Women at Work
  • Double Outsiders: LGBT & Working in a Man’s World
  • Lights! Camera! Access! 2.0


  • Beyond Binaries: Identity and Sexuality
  • Bisexuals at Work : A Video Presentation
  • Bisexuality 101
  • Measuring Bisexual Workplace Inclusion — a Bisexual Equality Index
  • Intersection Electric: Interactive Workshop of Black Bi Histories/Culture (with games!)

Changing Workplace Climate

  • LGBT Workplace Research: Making the Business Case for Inclusion
  • Showcasing Out & Equal’s Online Learning Resources You Can Use
  • Who has the POWER to Create an Inclusive Culture?
  • Creating a Safe Zone for ALL Veterans
  • Connecting with Respect – Workplace transformation beyond LGBT tolerance
  • From Classroom to Boardroom: Addressing Bullying Behaviors
  • Cutting-Edge Research on America’s LGBT 45+ Marketplace
  • Tolerance to Acceptance- becoming valued members of the USDA’s organization
  • Bringing Out & Equal Back to Your Workplace
  • Truth or Dare: How Smart Companies Transform Myths through Action
  • Beyond Mentorship: Enrich the Employee Experience
  • Implementing and leveraging self-identification as a method for driving change

Employee Resource Group (ERG) / Business Resource Group (BRG) Basics

  • 5 Ways to Drive Participation beyond your leadership team
  • Executive Sponsors: The Champions of PRIDE
  • GET SET:  Leveraging Your Assets, Harnessing Your Power
  • Art of Attraction: ERG strategies for recruiting/hiring top LGBT talent
  • Building an inclusive LGBT network: corporate and grass roots engagement
  • Empowering LGBT Owned Businesses: Advancing Equality through Corporate Contracts

ERG/BRG Advanced

  • Raise your game — Transform from ERG to BRG
  • Navigating the Globe in LGBTQ Style
  • Putting the Biz in BRG: Harnessing ERG Innovation for Business
  • Shaking Hands Across the Corporate Aisle to Grow your ERG
  • You Have Domestic Partner Benefits.  Now What?
  • Navigating the Globe in LGBTQ Style
  • Executive Sponsors: Use’em or Lose’em
  • Connecting Business Resource Groups with Business Strategy – How come?
  • Bridging the Divide: Establishing/maintaining satellite LGBT ERGs away from HQ
  • Putting the Biz in BRG: Harnessing ERG Innovation for Business
  • Maximizing Corporate Resources for the LGBTQ Community
  • Developing PRIDE ERGs in EMEA: lessons learned, enthusiastic challenges ahead.
  • Ready, Set, Go Ally (A Year On)
  • Shaking Hands Across the Corporate Aisle to Grow your ERG


  • Practicing Women’s Leadership and Mentoring for Executives
  • Out, Visible, Impactful – LGBT Senior Leaders in the Workplace
  • LGBT Leadership Forum  From ERG’s to LGBT Leadership Development
  • Global LGBTAQI2 Inclusion and Multicultural Management


  • Truth or Dare: How Smart Companies Transform Myths through Action
  • Tolerance to Acceptance- becoming valued members of the USDA’s organization
  • LGBT Wealth Management Bootcamp

Law, Policy & Benefits

  • Building Bridges toward LGBT Cultural Competency – A Global View!
  • The Need for Transgender-Inclusive Health Care Coverage
  • Is it worth it?  Employers’ Experiences Providing Transgender Health Benefits
  • Balancing Religious, Disability, and Transgender Accommodations in the Workplace
  • Accommodating Religion and Sexual Orientation in the Workplace
  • Employee Benefits for Same-Sex Couples in a Post-Windsor World
  • Taxation 101:  Key Tax Issues for LGBT Couples
  • Transgender Health Benefits: Effective Design & Implementation
  • Benefits Equality for Global Companies: How to Make it Happen

Professional Development

  • Project Molecule – Working in High Performance Teams
  • Engaging Firm Leadership and Managers to Create an Inclusive Environment
  • Proving Your Experience: Preparing Your Professional Portfolio and Resume Rewriting
  • Brand U: Bring your fabulous, authentic, self to work
  • Building Your Leadership Brand
  • Leading with Authenticity and Presence
  • Building Authentic LGBT Leaders: How Wells Fargo Develops Diverse Talent


  • Recruiting Transgender Top Talent
  • Transgender Employment 201: Strengthen your commitment to workforce inclusion
  • Gender Transitions 101: Two different perspectives; one universal message
  • Transgender Transitions at Work: New Standards for Success
  • Why Inclusion of the “T” is Important to the “LGB”
  • The (R)evolution of the Transgender Workplace Equality Conversation

Case Studies

  • LGBT Inclusiveness in General Market Communications: Research & Case Studies
  • The Clorox Journey: LGBT Marketing and Innovation
  • How Honey Maid Made History: Gay Inclusive Marketing and Response

**Workshop proposals are no longer being accepted for the 2014 Out & Equal Workplace Summit.**

Featured Panels

Please stay tuned for details on featured panels.

Global Series

  • Let’s get Social! – LGBT Social Collaboration at IBM
  • Strengthen global, empower local: Taking ERGs international
  • Partnering with Government for Global LGBT Social & Economic Empowerment
  • Advancing LGBT Workplace Equality in India
  • Managing LGBT Mobility in a Global Organization
  • Out Now LGBT2020: Diversity – Show Me The Business Case
  • Japan: leveraging local to global influence in starting LGBT inclusiveness


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